Showing Christ in Society Today

Strengthening Christ in us,
Sharing Christ among us, and
Showing Christ around us.
Delta Presbyterian Church Vision Statement

Showing Christ around us is not an easy thing, especially in today’s society.  For most of us, the thought that one of our neighbors might not know anything about Jesus seems ridiculous. Recently, a colleague’s daughter was part of a high school production of Godspell, a musical that tells the story of Jesus relying mainly on the Gospel of Matthew.  My colleague’s daughter was amazed by how little her classmates knew of the Christian story, “Oh, he dies!  That’s so sad.” At one point, the director was giving directions with which she disagreed, she asked the director, “Have you read the story?”  The answer to that is increasingly, “no.”

The results of a survey were released recently.  In the 1970’s the largest religious group in the United States was mainline Protestant (including Presbyterians), at 30% of the population.  Now, mainline Protestants comprise just over 10% of the population. Those claiming no religion, Catholics, and evangelicals all hovered around 23%.

It is increasingly important for us to show Christ around us.  The session and deacons have been working through the 7 marks of a vital congregation.  The second mark of a vital congregation is “Intentional Authentic Evangelism vs. “Jesus freaks”; “Christian” hypocrisy; a committee responsibility.”  We have had conversations about how difficult it is for us to talk about our faith.

To begin to overcome our discomfort, in February we began taking time to talk to one another about specific questions that we might hear from someone who is curious.  We started with, “Why do you get out of bed and come to church on Sunday morning?” and then moved on to, “What does Easter mean to you?”  If someone asked you one of these questions, how would you respond?  If you met someone who was curious about the events of Holy Week, what would you tell them?  I encourage you to take time to talk about these questions with friends and families.  Begin sharing your faith in a safe setting, so that when someone sees Christ in you and asks you about your difference, you will be prepared to answer and share something of what Christ means to you.


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